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Enjoy Our Free Shipping in USA

Momoko High Protein Asian Soup Mix with Organic Superfood Dried Goji Berries, Lily Bulbs, Lotus Seeds, Shiitake Wild Mushrooms - A Wellness Blend for Salads or Delicious Stuffing – Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly

  • ✪ Oriental Flavor in an Organic Healing Cuisine: For thousands of years, food and medicine have always been closely linked in Asia. This nutrient dense recipe delivers a delicate and enchanting flavor while delivering powerful antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals and beneficial compounds.
  • ✪ Superb Source of Vegetarian and Postpartum Nutrition: Rich in antioxidants, fiber, iron, vitamins A, C and D. Studies show these herbs boost energy and improve health, well-being and nutrient uptake.
  • ✪ Low Carb, High Protein & Paleo Friendly: Wild foods are naturally well-balanced in macronutrients, it’s no wonder our ancestors were fit and trim. Perfect for salads, soups and vegan dishes and what’s more, it’s gluten free!
  • ✪ Balanced Herbal Mix: Our traditional pairing of ingredients are great to have around and make whipping up a healthy meal easy! A popular dish in China, Japan & Korea, it symbolizes prosperity and longevity.
  • ✪ 100% NATURAL – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Imported from EOS/NOP/USDA Organic and Kosher certified manufacturers. Packed in USA. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us and we will provide you with a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Naturally Healing Oriental Cuisine
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an intricate and complex medical system developed in ancient China over 3,000 years ago. Practitioners undergo many years of formal and informal education to perfect their craft. Over the millennia, these healing arts have found their way into the unique traditions of Japanese and Korean medicine as well.

A healthy diet makes you feel energetic!

There are various herbs and concoctions used by Asian general population which descend from that ancient knowledge. Our natural dried vegetable blend is a version of one of the more popular recipes in Asian cuisine. This delicious mixture contains herbs deemed essential for a cleansing, youthful and restorative meal which will improve your skin, digestion and overall well-being.

Organic Goji Berries: All around superfood, packed with antioxidants and beneficial amino acid compounds. Enhance healthy vision and balance blood sugar.
Japanese Shiitake Mushrooms: Premium grade 4-6 cm large mushrooms with a smoky taste and great texture. High in Vitamins B and D. Supports cardiovascular and brain health.
Black Wood Ear Mushrooms: Tasty and crunchy. Rich in dietary fiber and iron. Popular dishes like Spring Rolls, Buddha’s Delight and Korean Japchae Glass Noodles.
Lily bulbs: Nourish and moisturizes skin, dry throats and lungs.
Lotus Seeds: Great source of trace minerals and boosts metabolism.

Whether you’re low-carb, Paleo, vegetarian, vegan or gluten free – Momoko Story premium blend East Asia Herbal Veggie works for your dietary needs. Stews up delicious as a soup with or without added meats and vegetables, or with rice as an exotic and satisfying stuffing. Why not toss a few in your cupboard today?

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